in which a single print is produced from a drawing freshly applied to a flat surface. In this manner, it connects painting and printmaking. I have worked with monotype for a long time, as it offers an enormous variety of possibilities for expression and in its production process, it continues to generate new worlds. That each of them is a unique work can be tangibly felt when viewing.

The method allows itself to be employed in many different ways and it is an artistic secret, how the particular image effects are created. In my monotypes illustrative details and the reactions of the material are visibly layered. Lines and coloured shades gain an unusual presence. They produce less of a depiction, instead creating their own reality. The production of the monotypes reminds me of the old saga of the world, which is made of a single drop of water.

Finally it is an inner world, which comes to the fore. Inner images which come from pictures in the world and our own feelings, our hopes, worries, wishes and fears put together. They draw on a hidden reservoir of ideas and experiences and give them life.

Water, ink, paper… the ingredients are simple, but they lead to a many-faceted picturesque spaces in which motifs from nature and an original, abstract materiality are superimposed.

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